i: she

I am the underage babysitter fathers try to jump on the way home.
Wolf is a subjective term. I am learning about seduction, the tease
without release. It’s all about the hand job.
I got contact lenses & no one could ignore me A N Y M O R E.
Wolf is a subjective term.
I met him downtown
before I was ready for anything serious,
and we drove out to forest
twigs snapping into spine
I felt his teeth gouging my throat
& decided I preferred handsome men to beasts…
& will they shut up if I give in,
& will they wither from my sarcasm,
from my blood spilled on the fireplace hearth?

ii. he

Wolf is an acronym.
I hung out Sunday nights at a bar on the Bowery
& drank the good tequila.
I was a ladies’ man with a chloroform handkerchief.
She had fake ID & schoolgirl clothes
& there was that second where I believed if she stayed
I would not get any older.